1st November, 2017

MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution and Innovative LEDs Shine at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) 2017

MEGAMAN®, a global lighting solutions provider with more than two decades of expertise in LED technology, showcased its Smart Lighting Solution with advanced functionality and extensive range of innovative LEDs at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition) from 27th to 30th October 2017.

27th October, 2017

MEGAMAN® INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution works with Amazon Alexa

As a lighting system expert, MEGAMAN® smart lighting solution allows users enjoy a new level of home automation in terms of convenience, energy saving and security. Always getting smarter and adding new features, the brand new INGENIUM® ZB Smart Lighting Solution now works with Amazon Alexa voice commands.

27th October, 2017

MEGAMAN® Introduces Simplistic GABIO LED Pendant Louvre series at The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition)

MEGAMAN®, one of the global LED manufacturers in the lighting industry, today introduces GABIO LED Pendant Louvre series at The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2017 (Autumn Edition) from 27-30 October 2017.

17th October, 2017

MEGAMAN® Unveils NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten An Economical Option for Enclosed Spaces

Slim, lightweight and waterproof, the MEGAMAN® NERO Integrated Waterproof LED Batten is designed to replace conventional T5 and T8 outdoor waterproof battens with value-for-money and the best user experience in mind.

12th October, 2017

MEGAMAN® Heralds the Arrival of Trendy ANNA Integrated LED Downlight

Riding on the success of MEGAMAN®’s Hybrid Reflector technology, MEGAMAN® today announces the launch of the ANNA Integrated LED Downlight which is typically designed for installation with prefabricated junction boxes and recessed mounting.

26th September, 2017

MEGAMAN® Unveils TECOH® THx LED Light Engine: Compatible with Futuristic ZigBee® Home Automation

MEGAMAN®, a forward-thinking LED innovator, today announces the debut of TECOH® THx LED Light Engine with ZigBee® technology – one of the most popular wireless interface standards – to communicate with smart home system for control, automation and monitoring.

12th September, 2017

MEGAMAN® MARCO Integrated LED Tracklight Combines Aesthetics with Excellent Functionality

MEGAMAN® has expanded its portfolio of LED luminaires with the robust and versatile MARCO integrated LED tracklight. The new addition incorporates Hybrid Reflector Technology to offer superb beam control quality and creates a pleasurable customer experience which is absolutely critical to retail environment.

14th August, 2017

MEGAMAN® Introduces the MALO Integrated LED Batten— Energy-Efficient Alternative with a Slim Profile

MEGAMAN® has launched the MALO Integrated LED Batten, the ideal lighting solution for residential and commercial applications with a slim, stylish profile.

10th August, 2017 - 10th September, 2017

MEGAMAN® Join United for Efficiency

MEGAMAN® is now a proud partner of United for Efficiency (U4E), a public-private partnership initiative. Led by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), it brings together key stakeholder groups active in the area of product efficiency.

1st August, 2017

MEGAMAN® Introduces KETO Integrated LED Batten — Ideal Lighting Solution for Kitchens

MEGAMAN® introduces KETO Integrated LED Batten that provides perfect illumination and functionality for under cabinets and kitchens without affecting the overall interior design.
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